Technical Services

Get an untraditional design

Amad service for Web designing and developing:

There are many websites on the internet but the unique and creative design can make your website distinctive among others, depending on:

1- Web Designing and Developing service with innovative talented web developers and designers.

2- A unique, effective and creative web design presenting your product. Our talented and experienced staff can bring you out of the similarities crowd by selecting and executing an attractive, suitable and unique frontage for your website to present your service or product in an untraditional way on the internet.

Our team can build websites responsive to modern devices such as tablets, mobile phones and all screen types, you will not need the android application any more on your mobile.

The importance of having a distinguished website:

  • 1 To Be online

You cannot reach the targeted internet customers unless you open a channel to communicate with them by designing a website.

  • 2 To Be a Leader

By increasing exposure to the global market you will find your company in a leadership position by using an online strategy.

  • 3 To Be accessed throughout the day

Having a website can make the communication with your costumer more easy and flexible.

  • 4 To Be surveyed for your audience

Your audience can interact with your website and communicate easily and quickly throughout it.

  • 5 To Be Expected

Lately, the internet became the fastest way to transfer the information, so you have to own a website otherwise your prospective clients will never find your product or services.

  • 6 To destroy the distance limits

Having a website means that you became an international business owner that can deal with a various nationals.

Our service overview:

Firstly, we hold a meeting between Amad representative and your company representative to discuss the main points and define the agreement items, after that Amad suggests a design and action plan, after studying and analyzing your company’s needs.

At the end of designing your website we will send you a complete copy of the final design in addition to an accurate explanation to help future maintenance.

Technical Support:

- You can follow up the progress of your project while implementing and can also adjust it to meet your needs and suit your taste.

-Any additional contents or adjustment could be added to the main web design according the contract signed between you and Amad.

 Web design in 4 simple steps:

Our aim is to provide a simple and straightforward process for developing your website.

-       Step 1: Following a discussion and review of your website requirements, we will be able to provide you with a definitive costing and an outline website development plan, normally within 72 hours.

-       Step 2 If our proposal is to your satisfaction, we will then show and discuss your preferred design style. All our clients are provided with a conceptual web design to approve before their site is built.

-       Step 3: Your site is built in accordance with your chosen design.

-       Step 4: Your site is reviewed and implemented as required. Content can be added or changed at any time during or after the build using the flexible, content management system that your site would be built with.

Our objective not only to see you satisfied but also delighted with your site prior to go-live, and that you are confident that following the live date you will be supported in full to ensure that your web site is a successful tool for your business / organization and that it will help you have an identity, image, and personality for your business

You can see samples of our projects or you can get in touch with us for all web designing services.